Homey Cameras feature - security

I just read the Cameras blog post @ https://blog.athom.com/?p=4435

However, I did not see anything about the way in which the security of this is organised. Are the camera credentials stored on the local homey or do they go to a central server? And how about the actual images (live view + push message snapshots), are they stored on the local Homey or somewhere on a central server and how are they secured?

Does anyone know more about this?

Just an educated guess:

  • credentials, just like any other Homey app that deals with credentials, will be stored locally;
  • live view will be streamed from your Homey to the app; in case you’re not in your local network, it will be passed through Athom’s reverse proxy servers, but it won’t be stored there (no need);
  • push messages will use a local image and the push provider’s (Apple, Google) mechanism for pushing images;