Fibaro Smoke Sensors - group to make them all alert me when there is smoke

Hi. I am using 3 Fibaro Smoke sensors. I would like to make sure that all three of them alerts me when smoke is detected by one of them. On the website of Fibaro I find different information on this:

How can I connect all Smoke Sensors in a way that all of them alert me about the detection of smoke by one?
Such function is not available.

But I also read:

What is the Alarm Broadcast?
Broadcast mode allows to send alarms to all devices within the FIBARO Smoke Sensor’s range with a priority over other communications.

And also:
4th Association Group – Fire Alarm. Sending the notification ALARM SENSOR REPORT (TYPE = SMOKE ALARM) to associated devices once smoke is detected. Up to five devices supporting fire alarm command may be included in this group.

So, I am a bit confused. Does anyone has experience with the Groups of these devices and made this possible, or is there to wat to achieve this?

It never worked for me. I’m not sure if the fibaros can really do that.

Discussed on the forums many times, like here.

Tnx! Indeed, I did figure out that you cannot send a signal to the Smoke detector from Homey. I was hoping that the Fibaro’s were able to at least trigger their own kind. The “alarm Broadcast” that is mentioned on their website does suggest this I think?

If not, than that’s that. However, I think there days it’s a bit strange that Fibaro delivered modern smoke detectors without this kind of functionality.

I was thinking of creating a flow that would trigger the alarm siren when smoke is detected. I think I will do that, although it might be difficult to determine is someone is breaking in of if there is a fire when you are in your bedroom…

They can broadcast yes, just not listening to signals from other players.

These are used for their switches, they can act on it

Fibaro Smoke Sensors doesn’t support this, because they aren’t FLIRs devices.
Z-Wave FLIRs smoke sensors are e.g. Popp POPE 004001 or Popp POPE 009402.