Homey has removed the nest app!

Homey has removed the Nest app last night with the update. De device is still there in the Homey app but the connections have been deleted. The app is also not available in the app section. I do not understand why Homey has removed the works with Nest Api while Nest had said that the account would keep on working if you would not upgrade to "works with google. I have tried to tell this to Athom but got no reply what so ever. My whole home environment is controlled by Nest and Homey together and is now worthless… The Nest icon in the Homey app stays spinning and can not be removed.
Does anybody know how to contact Athom and get some replies?

That`s why a lot of us got rid of Nest the day after the announcement, along with that a wish that Nest rots in hell! Athom will probably just refer you to Nest and Google, they warned about this months ago.

And the reason I use the strong term “rot in hell” is because that i spent 1000 euros on a functionality that they later changed and for my part made the product unuseful/useless beyond making sound!

You did not read the message well. ““Works with Nest”” is still operational and will stay so for those who do not want to switch to ““works with Google”” In this case it is Athom that has removed the functionality not Google or Nest. Google did listened to the complaints and decided to keep the old Nest account alive for those who would like to keep using them.

A small correction, the “works with nest” will stay operational online until the “works with google” API can do the same as the works with nest API, as soon as that happens they will still kill the works with nest API completely.
Though this is only for the users that are already logged in via the API, as any new logins are not allowed and also the reason why the app was removed from Athom’s app store.
As new people also only can get a Nest thermostat/smoke sensor with the works google API, they would get a lot of complaints that they can’t login to their Thermostat

As it is much harder to get a “works with google” key, i have the feeling it will take a lot of time until it is rewritten, not because of just Athom, but also Google that is working against it.

Guess what’s back…