New Nest Home integration development (pledged 260Euro)

At the moment I really miss my Nest Home integration with Homey.

Setting the thermostat when away or asleep,
Lower the thermostat when a door (sensor) is open.
Blink my hue lights when someone is in front of the Hello Doorbell
Get JPG pictures of my camera’s when a alarm is triggerd (Heimdall)
And many other things we could arrange with the Homey integration.

Now the new Face++ app is released and I would be nice to experiment with this feature also

Current devices in my home

Nest Hello doorbell
Nest Outdoor cam (backyard)
Nest Cam indoor
Nest Thermostat
4x Nest Smoke detectors
Nest Hub, Nest Mini 3x (Chromecast still works thank god, for TTS information)

So I invested heavily on NEST and now after the two step verification I lost my connection.
Removed the app also… and cannot reinstall is because it is not in the store anymore.

There are some developments on other demotic platform

So why is there no movement in the Homey community? I think we should pledge for funding and see if we can make it interesting for someone to develop this integration?

What integration I would like to see:

Nest Thermostat:
Set Temperature
Request current temperature
Set Away/Home

Nest Camera:
Recieve a stream / JPG

Nest Smoke detector:
Get current state

Please use the comment below what integration you would like to have and how much you would pledge / fund.

The goal is to make overall integration request that is realistic and have a nice fund to cover this.

Pledge funding:
Wesley_W: 50 Euro
@Wesley_Witjes 20 Euro
@Joost_van_Kempen 10 Euro
@Rob_Bruining 50 Euro
@Sand3R 20 Euro
@mattrix - Euro
@Tomm 20 Euro
@mbnn 20 Euro
@Robinjo 20 Euro
@VunderanX 50 Euro

Total 260 Euro


I will also pay 20 to use my thermostat again!

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I think this is it @Wesley_Witjes not much reply :frowning:

Dammm I think its time to sell my nest thermostat then… :frowning:

20 euro. Maar volgens mij was het toch helemaal niet met mogelijk.

They have it working in HomeAssistant

It’s still working here… But I don’t know for how long…

But… The nest api is gone. But I thought that Google introduced a new api? Why can that new api not be used?

I hope someone will look in to this and see how to intergrate

Is mij ondertussen ook meer waard aangezien ik meer Nest apparatuur heb.

Would pay 10€ for next hello integration

I would also like to donate €10


Ik heb er ondertussen wel 50 euro voor over om een goede integratie te hebben met de Nest thermostaat, Hello deurbel en outdoor Cam.

Found at:

Device Access for individuals

We will also offer Individual user access, where you can create personal use integrations via the Device Access sandbox. These integrations won’t be subject to a commercial use case assessment, but you have restricted access by a limited number of users per integration.

Availability and next steps

Device Access for commercial developers (app developers, device manufacturers, and platforms) will be available in early 2020 to qualified partners. The Individual Device Access sandbox will open in late 2020. We invite you to complete the following form to receive an email notification when commercial and individual Device Access programs are available.

Let’s consider the options:

Port badnest to Homey: it’s based on reverse engineering, so could break at any time. It’s also not very user friendly to set up, meaning that a developer will have to do a lot of hand-holding for users that aren’t very tech-savvy.

Or wait for Google to open up the device access. We already passed the “early 2020” mark IMO, but okay. The “for individuals” route seems most appropriate for Homey developers, but as they say, you can only have a limited number of users. How many that is, it doesn’t say. Not even ballpark. It could be 5, it could be 200. Too much of a risk for a developer to use this route. Also, because there’s a limit to the number of users, it sounds like the developer has to manage the users that are able to access the integration. Too much of a hassle.

The “for commercial developers” route sounds like a huge PITA: “qualified partners” means that you need to qualify. It may also cost money, or have free and paid tiers, or whatever else they can come up with.

Even when a developer is going for the “official” route, there’s no telling in how long it will last. Google is known for closing services on a whim.

this is working as well, all your nest devices in homekit.

Looks very integrated! I do think it is a cloud service?

nope, it’s just a little box you can buy to connect everything from nest to your homekit. so this should be possible with homey as well…

I installed the bad nest on home assistent and installed the home assistent app on Homey. and at least I can controll my nest thermostat in flows now through some scripts in home assistant!

Also did this for my ecovacs deebot vacuum cleaner works really great. It all runs on a old raspberry pi 1!

Nice work! Wonder if the camera intergration also works. I have a RPi zero that is not in use.

Did you need to make many scripts?