Is Google Nest support still wanted?

Yes and big yes

I hope you can release it soon or a beta ?

Oh man, Google has made it so hard to be able to subscribe to events (which is at least neccesary for a doorbell to function).

Can some of you guys read this and tell me if this would make you not use this plugin: (be sure to click the link, it’s alot longer then the forum shows)

I have tried to make it as clear as possible, but it’s just really hard the way Google did this. This is the information the app would need to be able to have a working subscription that can handle events.

Really nice that youre making an app for the nest ! is it only going to support the doorbell? i have a nest thermostat really like to use it in homey :smiley:

Hey Wesley, what functionality do you want from your thermostat? I can see the API provides commands to: Set temperature, set mode, change the temperature setpoints (heat point, cool point).

If you want to show your current temperature you would also need to subscribe to the event API using the same method. Since your thermostat will send a temperature update event in the subscription which the Homey app should respond to (set the device value to that target temperature, etc)

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Yes please!!

That would be awesome: Thermostat / Doorbell + image / Camera’s

If you release this working app you can receive the pledge

There is some sort of tutorial available for home-assistant:


Yes I would definitely run these steps if necessary.

I’m not realling looking to make money of of this though. I am a software developer and I was looking forward to create things for homey and share them with the community as I use alot of plugins that other people created as well. Currently I am trying to make the doorbell integration 100% solid (or 99%…as solid as I can) to make sure that I can deliver a product that is up to the Homey standard.

Currently have the following flow working:

It’s a bit hard digging through so many different docs :slight_smile:

It’s the first time creating a Homey app for me (and I’m not really a Typescript programmer, my job is C# and used to be PHP. I do know alot of Javascript though so I can get the gist of Typescript pretty easy) and it’s also the first time dealing with Google’s very annoying API. I will have to combine OAuth with the Pub/sub services to get everything out of the API.


Please check out this post as well: [APP] Google Smart Device Management integration

Can you also retrieve an image if the doorbell is pressed?

Yes, the event that Google supplies contains an Event ID that I can post to another endpoint to retreive an image URL and possibly even the video feed. I should be able to dump that in a Homey tag that you can use in an automation to say, stream the image to your TV or whatever.

That is great! I hope in using the image when the doorbell to be pressed that can be send to homey as a notification. Also to use this image to work with FaceID

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i would like to use al that functionality :smiley:

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Does the API have anymore action/triggers for the hub?

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Yes, please!

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What is the hub? Is that like a Google Assistant? Is that the display version of Google Assistant? I don’t think there’s anymore to do then the default chrome-cast app already does.

Check out the API here; Camera  |  Device Access  |  Google Developers
On the left you see device guides and the traits that each device has.

It’s an assistant with chromecast and a display. Which shows additional info on screen when you talk to assistant. You can also watch video like YouTube and Netflix.

What would you like to control that is not already possible? I have alot of Google Nest minis and one Google home, the base unit.

Display information on the screen, like calendar, traffic information, recipes from a flow triggered by homey.

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I’m looking for Nest support too, but only for Nest Protect.
Is this helpfull?
Smoke+CO Alarm API | Nest Developers