New Nest Home integration development (pledged 260Euro)

I don’t know of the camera works I only have the thermostat. You can read everything here :

It was a little hard to understand how home assistant works. But you can find everything on Google . So it’s not to hard I had it fixed in a small day. I made a script for this kind of things and homey just pushes to home assistant to strat the script.

There is camera support in HA with this intergration, but i wonder if they will be available in homey also

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I dont know these are the options that you have in homey

If i look in the comments in the threat i see that the camera’s are part of the sensors???. I see sensor in the device selection?? so maybe…

there is an official api from google available. Is someone able to create an app with it?

I am looking in to it. I don’t think that it will be easy to share with others… I will first try to setup something very basic and see how easy this would be to use for others.

Ive made Homey apps before, but the google API is a bit complicated… (openauth, etc)

Really nice if you ever want te test something tell me!

Would be great to use the smoke detectors in Homey flows again, a real shame google withdraw their support for homey/giving access to the API. Unfortunate, up to today, they aren’t mentioned in supported devices.

There are still Homebridge apps with google nest.

So if somebody could convert this to Homey would be nice

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@RoyB did you manage to get some first results?

Hey wesley, its a little bit more complicated/locked up then i thought.

Google gives out developer licenses at 5 euros and with some technical complications this allows you to host an app that can couple at most 25 unique nest devices, where I need to enter the unique nest device ID’s into the “whitelist” manually upfront.

So this is only usable for development purposes or by people that are skilled to set this up themselves, paying 5 euros for a personal dev license fee.

I put this on a lower priority, currently working on an app for integrating my mertik gas fireplace. Might pick it up later this year. First i’d like to see what it would take for Google to allow this app as an “official” one so that anyone could use it.

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I see they have a beginning working one in home assistant.

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I will also donate 20 euros :slight_smile:
I really like Nest products and I have plenty of them.

will donate too !

+ 20,-

Will donate 20,- euros as well to a working Homey plugin for Nest :slight_smile:

Will donate also €20,- . Would be nice to have full control off thermostat again from homey.

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Will donate 50,- euros for Nest Hello integration (with “doorbell trigger”)

We can close this topic. There is a working Google Nest Integration available.

@Martin_Verbeek please add a donation button so users that are happy with your work can offer their pledge as stated earlier in this topic.

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