Google Nest SDM


older versions of the app make use of a legacy style webhook, this hook will become inactive April 4th. Please upgrade to newest version of the app!!!

Anchor point for Google Nest SDM app instructions, requests and issues.

BE AWARE THAT BATTERY POWERED DEVICES (CAM/DOORBELL) DO NOT SUPPORT GenerateImage and as such currently it will not show images of events.

Be aware that Google charges a one time 5$ fee to be able to use the Nest Device Access Platform and API (not the same as a donate to the developer of this app).

To be sure: this only works for Google accounts, NOT for old NEST accounts.

In the posts below there are the steps that the App will guide you through setting up the environment in Google.

  1. Install the app and start configure app
  2. Create a Google cloud project
  3. Create the credentials for your cloud project
  4. Enable API´s for your cloud project
  5. Create the Device Access project.

It now supports NEST Protect using the old API interface with Google accounts. If you only have Nest Protect and no other Nest devices, you only need to setup the Legacy Nest tab in the app.
Using the same API it supports reporting on known faces and on-demand snapshots. Be aware that this ONLY applies to devices that are visible in the old NEST app, not the newer devices that are only added to Google Home.


Create project on Google Cloud Platform.


A window opens, select CREATE PROJECT

Add a name for your project and select CREATE.

Copy the PROJECT ID to your clipboard

Close window and paste it into GCP PROJECT ID.

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Create OAUTH2 consent and Client ID. Click 2.



On next screen add a Name and your email id in two places. SAVE and CONTINUE.
On Scopes, click SAVE and CONTINUE.
On Test Users, click SAVE and CONTINUE.
On Summary, click BACK TO DASHBOARD.

Next Create Credentials and select OAuth client ID

Give it a Name and select Web Application as the Application Type.
Go to the Authorized redirect URIs section and add URI. The URI you need is on the clipboard!

Copy Client ID and Client Secret to the clipboard and SAVE.

Paste the items in the Homey App screen in their respective fields.

Click the Enable Resource Manager API and the Enable Service Usage API buttons.

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Last thing to do is to Create a Project in Nest Device Console. Click 1.

After registration and paying the 5$ fee you can access the Device Acces Console to create a project.

Give it a Name and click Next
You are now asked for the OAuth Client ID created earlier. This ID is on your Clipboard!

Next Enable Pub/Sub events, these events are pushed to a Homey webhook.

Click Create Project.
Next on the Project screen, click the copy to clipboard icon, to get the Project ID you need to paste in the Homey App.


The Homey app now shows the Login button. Click it and it will guide you through the request for device access authorisations and it will ask for some other authorizations as well. Make sure that you enable all required devices and functions (all must be selected). The app is marked as unsave as it is not verified by Google. So just select advanced settings to continue. DO NOT USE BACK TO SAFETY , the app will not function if you do so.

If all finished you are good to add your Nest devices.


I updated the Pledge Funding topic to have this integration available:

Pledge funding:
Wesley_W: 50 Euro
@Wesley_Witjes 20 Euro
@Joost_van_Kempen 10 Euro
@Rob_Bruining 50 Euro
@Sand3R 20 Euro
@mattrix - Euro
@Tomm 20 Euro
@mbnn 20 Euro
@Robinjo 20 Euro
@VunderanX 50 Euro

Total 260 Euro
So when you release your app and al pledgers are satisfied let us know how we can fulfill our pledge.

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Sorry guys. I am out using home assistant and it is working there.

Good Luck everyone!

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The app is not released yet? Also no CLI install available?

Running into a little trouble getting it onto the community store, lack of knowledge from my side.

Max is helping out.

is it only going to be in the community store or also at the athom store itself?

Really great work !

Want to have community feedback first, make some needed changes and then push further.

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It is in store!



For me the old athom app is still working so i will wait a little bit😜

After going through all of the instructions its working :grinning: My nest thermostat is now in Homey, thank you!

I got the message ‘‘Can’t link to Homey Nest’’. I can’t see where I make a mistake in the settings.

Dank je, please let me know any issues. I had an old v2 that was not attached to the heater.

Verzonden vanaf Samsung-tablet.

-------- Oorspronkelijk bericht --------

Anything in the log? Can you paste a screenshot.

I have deleted the app en start again. Now everything is fine and I can add my doorbell and camera’s! Thanks for the app!

Curious for the trigger and action flowcards

Please suggest improvements for the setup to make things easier.
Same goes for flow items you need. I started with some obvious ones😁