Google Nest cam - No new devices found

Two months ago I was able to install my google nest doorbel in Homey with Google Nest App. In this former process is needed to login to google first, than I could search for my doorbell.
These doorbells are still working within Homey.

But now I bought two google nest cams and tried to add them in Homey. But after clicking on install Cam, there comes only a window where Homey says thera are no new devices. My nest cams are already installed in google home app and I can see the streaming videos in google home as well. But I am not able to install them in homey.
Can someone help me?

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Which app+version, which Homey, which firmware?
Maybe then someone can advice…


I use the Google Nest App from athom. My Google homey pro 2023 is fully updated to 10.0.0-rc.133.
Unfortunately I am not able to use the SDK app

Community developer is working on new beta of Homey Community Store, so later it will be possible.

Just to be sure, you have restarted everything, tried to re-logging (not sure you can), and it still doesn’t work? Have you tried to start from scratch, eg. removing existing Nest Cam, remove app, install app back etc. If so, then you have to contact Athom, but they have quite long waiting times currently (2-3 weeks).

Sadly, I have the same problem.
And till now I could not find a workaround.
Is there a step by step solution? I looked every where but for a newbe like me it seems that i have to wait for an updated Nest app?

Sind News: I found a path to enable connection to homey for all cameras. It’s on the Google home app under setup in Germany “Einstellungen” and there the most right item “Verbindung zu Drittherstellern” that’s on English connection to third party maybe. There you can enable connection of each camera with homey. After that I could add the cameras in homey. But unfortunately homey does not get the notifications about movement or person detection although there are four cards for that. The while thing does not work properly. Only the very first camera I have added is reported well to homey.