Support Nest Doorbell Battery

Hi there!
I just bought the Nest Doorbell - Battery and it seems that I can’t get it into homey with the original app from Athom (had contact with their helpdesk, seems like a common problem)

I’ve downloaded the Google Nest app from the community store as well, but it seems that it only supports the (older) other model; Nest Hello. Is that correct? Or does the new Doorbell works with this app as well?

Here’s the community google app topic with all info:

Thanks Peter, clear!

That’s what I found as well. But since it was an old message from the creator and I couldn’t find any update about potential new devices in the thread, I thought let me ask it here.

Hopefully it will come, once, as I can’t import the doorbell in my smart home now :sleepy:

YW! Well that topic’s last post was 2 days ago :hugs:, it doesn’t stop after the first post?
I meant you’d best ask your questions in that specific topic, so other Nest users and the dev Martin get notified of your question :upside_down_face:.
And that way all product related Q & A are present at one place.

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