Netatmo/Tado Heater valve for district heating without Hub/Gateway

Hey all,

I’m new to Homey or better yet I’ve yet to purchase Homey! One of the issues I hope to tackle (besides connecting everything to everything) is that of my city heating. I have NEST to control the floor heating on the ground floor but the rest of my thermostats are just regulated by heat of the heater. I want to the heater in the bedroom smart to make it nice and cozy before bedtime.

My problem, as far as I understood the helpdesk of Tado and netatmo, is that most (if not ‘all’) valves require a hub that’s connect to a central heating system (which I don’t have) and the valves only open/work when they are controlled by or get an ‘ok-go’ from the hub that the central heating is indeed on.

So I’m wondering can I tackle this with Homey? Can I just tell Homey to open the valve for a set amount of time (or until the room is hot enough maybe with a simple temperature measuring device) preferably without any hub?

Or can you advice me a product to tackle the above? Most companies assume you have central heating but that’s like living in the dark ages right ;p

P.s. I’ve done my homework on the thermostat part, Homey is the big mistery for me but 100% sure I want a little buddy like this in my house for Christmas!

I mean, there are some problems with NEST. However, I don’t know more details because I don’t use NEST devices.
Look here: NEST API support via Unofficial Nest Learning Thermostat API

Regarding Tado: You need the Tado Bridge for Homey to operate the thermostats. Central heating is not necessary if you only want to control the heating thermostats.
You can find out it here: Save Energy with Smart Radiator Thermostats | tado˚
However, Tado’s own comfort is already very good and you don’t necessarily need a homey for it. Some services are subject to a fee at Tado.
I used 2017/2018 Tado in combination with heating thermostats, as a stand-alone system. I can’t say which possibilities exist in combination with Homey. We moved in 2018 and now have floor heating, so I didn’t need Tado anymore.

I can’t help you with Netatmo.

Homey is Magic! :dizzy:
If you want to make your house smarter in the future, I think Homey is a good choice. I have the Homey now about 6 weeks and am very satisfied. Before that I had another system for several years (Fibaro HC2) and haven’t regretted the change yet.
Because Homey supports different SmartHome standards, each one has its advantages and disadvantages, it would be useful to deal with the topic before. Some users were already disappointed after the first days, because allegedly nothing worked. The real problem, however, was that these users did not deal with the subject matter in advance.

@3dutchie for the tado° system the hub is required, but there is no need for a central heating signal when used with radiator valves only. I have the system installed in my home and every heater has it’s own valve. there is then the tado bridge that controls the valves individually. When Homey detects an open window for longer then 30 seconds it switches off the heating due to its connection to the tado bridge.

If you have floor heating and would like to use room termostats, you are also able to choose a normal temp sensor and let homey do the “controling” of the valves (required electric valves that can communicate with homey or adapted with hardware)

can you maybe provide detailed info about what you currently have installed?

Thanks all for the reply! Any advice in that case for a valve that just opens/closes with Homey (i’m sure I can easily make a flow for the heating itself with a temperature sensor).

I didn’t know about the Nest issues but i’m ok if it’s not part of Homey, the schedule of Nest along with the ‘home detection’ is more then enough for my needs. For now I really just need 1 valve for 1 heater in 1 room and not needing an (expensive) hub is best in my opinion… Homey is there for me to connect 433mhz switches with Action smart lamps (Tuya), making nice routines like turn on stuff at sunset, when I get home etc etc

Can’t imagine there’s not a ‘stupid’ wifi valve that’s just open/close on my command :slight_smile:

There are thermostats that do not require an extra bridge.
Eurotronic for example offers thermostats with Z-Wave, ZigBee, Bluetooth or DECT (FRITZ!Box) standard.

As I assume that you don’t want to put the Homey in the bedroom, you will have problems with the range, except with the DECT model.

What exact valve did you need? Did you have an radiator style valve or did you use an normal in line valve? depends on that there are ways to become them integrated in homey