Climate control per room

Hey Homeys :wave:

I recently bought a Nest Learning thermostat, But now I want to control my climate temperature per room. I wanted to do it by using Tado Radiator knobs and the Nest thermostat as a central controller for my central heating.

But here comes the problem: Nest canceled the Api, But I was thinking that there must be a way around it. I have thought of a solution but I wanted to run by you guys! (before I buy all the sensors) And I donโ€™t really know if it works :sweat_smile:

My thought:
I wanted to add Temperature sensors in every room, on the opposite side of the Tado radiator buttons and make a flow that starts it until the temperature is met on both sensors.
And make an automation on the side in GH to start the home/away automation (and duplicate it in Homey for taco) so that they start the same.

Do you guys think that this will work?

I think the tado valve controllers are designed to work with a tado central thermostat.
Because, when f.i. only one room on the 2nd floor needs heating, the thermostat should drive the heating unit.
While there always should be valve controllers on the radiators in the same room as the thermostat, that room does not get heated (as well as other rooms).

Besides, as I see it: running my heating with Homey as main controller would not be my choice. My thermostat leads (default schemes and home/away), Homey manages the little adjustments during the day.