Google home announcement

Hi all,

When my roomba is done cleaning, the google home roomba integration lets all my speakers say “the vacuum is done” it’s the same as a google home announcement.

I was wondering if there is an option for that in homey, it’s different then just the TTS app, or the google translate app. It’s the real assistant voice.
If the roomba irobot app can do this, homey must be able to do this as well, perhaps homey has do this themself because perhaps it’s an option they have to add to the homey integration

It is probably a broadcast message. I do not know of a way for Homey to trigger one. Sooo happy none of my devices ever have the guts to do that. There’s one in almost every room, also in the kids rooms. What if they are asleep?

Check over here: [TUTORIAL] How to make a Great Public Announcement (P.A.) System with any device!

Nice tutorial, works great!


Yeah it does work, but it’s not great the way like irobot/roomba does it. It sounds really like a native google home announcement. But it’s a good alternative

I agree that i was like, wait whaat? when it happened for the first time, and they probably should have asked it in the app before activating it. But i love it, when i’m working upstairs i know when the roomba is done. And i would like to use it for stuff like the doorbell rings.

I agree that when you have a google home at your kids room, it would be great if google let’s you manage which devices can accept announcements. But i guess that means that your family doesn’t use the announcement option for things like saying that you’re heading home.

I use text announcements too. I’ve grown accustomed to the Google TTS which has improved a little over time. But then, I started out when that sounded really bad so I am happy it is not that bad anymore. But that is directed at certain rooms and not a broadcast.

Yeah but not “hey google i want to announce something” or “hey google ik wil iets omroepen”
Or is there a way to limit that to specific rooms as wel, just curious

No, not afaik, so that is why broadcasts are not used very much in our home. The only other alternative is a DUO call.

Or is there a way to limit that to specific rooms as wel, just curious

There is… In the tutorial I mentioned earlier.
More specific via this app: [APP][Pro] Google Services - App for Translate and new Text-to-Speech for any device with url input

But it does require you to actually read it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Using Google Services to get speech on a chromecast device is not the same as issuing the the Google broadcast command, which is what we are talking about. I’ll like to see you try to use it to echo any text you speak to a specific device on the fly.

Also: I read it, I tried it. But as long as the “old” TTS is still working, the added complexity when having many output devices isn’t worth it to me, even though it sounds a bit better for some things.

True, it’s way more complex but it also adds a lot more value in my opinion. It’s really a personal consideration which way you want to go.