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Just curious, as I can’t find it in my settings or a discussion in this community: is it possible to connect to Google Home and share only some flows with Google?
I don’t want to share all my devices, as I’m not going to ask Google to turn on a light or something. Homey is already taking care of that, turning on the lights as soon as it’s getting dark.

Being able to create a Routine in Google Home that triggers a Flow in Homey is all I need.
For example: “Hey Google, turn on the movie lights” is enough to let Google start a Flow, so Homey can take care of the rest. If this is not available at all, I’m wondering how many of you would like to have this option. :blush:

  1. @ Homey:
    Add the desired flows to “Favourite Flows”

  2. @ google home:
    When creating/editing a routine

  • add Action

  • pick ‘adjust Scenes’

  • when the screen returns, hit ‘Adjust Scenes’ button

  • the ‘Scenes’ screen appear, with your favourite flows listed

  • select flow of choice
    If you don’t see any of the flows, yell “Hey google, synchronize devices”, then they’d appear after a while.
    And make sure to enable the Google Assistant synchronize switch. Then it gets synced automatically.

Thanks for your fast response! :slight_smile:
At the end, this is all I need, without having to share my devices to Google Home.

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Thanks for your link. :+1:
I see that more people are talking about this, but then it’s just a discussion about which company should fix this.

I’m a developer myself and in my business it’s pretty simple: the company containing the data is responsible for guarding the data.
So when Athom claims to be the privacy-friendly party, they should be in control about what data will be exported, rather than pointing to the company that just imports it all. :slight_smile: