Switching application on TV with Google Assistant

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to make it possible to switch applications on my Samsung TV using my Homey (2019) and my Google Home Mini. I tried to make a virtual device and set in a flow that when the VD is clicked (button) than the application on the Samsung TV will start.

The problem is that the Virtual Device does not show up in the Google Home app, and thus I can’t control it using the Google Assistant on my Google Home Mini.

Is there a simple way to make it possible to use my Google Home Mini with Google Assistant to change the application running on my Samsung TV? I would prefer tags, so I can switch to all the different applications.


Do you have a virtual device from Homey itself?

When i use virtual buttons or modes from this app it shows in google as an on off switch

Yeah, that’s the app I use on my Homey. But maybe it’s because I’m using a single click button? Because I want to activate an application. Not turn it on or off.

Samsung Tvs now have direct google/alexa support, add them as things to the smart things mobile app, then add the Samsung skill.

Currently mine is able to turn on/off - and its advertising states it will be able to change volume, channel and source later this year. (though it s 2019 model).

OK! We have a 2017-model and I don’t think it supports Google Assistant. I would be best if I could achieve this using my Homey.

Change the click button to an on and off device

Then change your flow behind it to use the pressed/changed.

Then it triggers both ways.

For me this works great with my tv.
Even when the tv is ON but the Virtual device is off you can say turn it off

Thanks, gonna try it :smiley:

Is it working?

I’ve set it up, but haven’t tried it yet. But it’s exactly set up like your example.

It’s working! :slight_smile: