Controlling devices at Google Home from Homey?


Is there a way other than IFTTT to control the devices at the Google Home hub from Homey?


Yes there is. Thanks to Ria (in Dutch) Wasmachine in Homey koppelen via Google - #4 by Ria_Banis

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Thanks but I need to trigger a device in Google Home from Homey… this is the reverse…

The washing machine is in GH only.
A virtual switch in Homey, makes the washing machine start by GH.

I’ll try to write a manual.

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Hmm ,

Well I created a virtual switch and I can see at GH but there is no way to link the on/puff status of Virtual switch to reflect the actual on/off status of the actual device at GH.

Ah, so you want the status of a device get returned to a Homey virtual device. I think that is not possible, while you can’t add devices to Homey from GH.
I think turning a GH device on/off from Homey, is a one way ‘shoot and forget’ command.

But did you manage to control the device in GH by your virtual switch in Homey?
Your Q was “Controlling devices at Google Home from Homey”

Thanks for the help and here is the whole situation:

I have a Tuya Hub with Zigbee Garage Door opener connected to GH. At GH I can see the zigbee garage door opener and I can control.

Unfortunately this is not possible at Homey.

So now I need to turn ON/OFF a device at GH from Homey.


You’re welcome, Senad.

Okay, my example.
Device to control: Arris TV settop box

For the OFF switch I made a similar routine.

In your particular case, you can also choose to use the Tuya cloud app tap-to-run method. A garagedoor opener is not directly supported by the app yet, but you can always make a request here.

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I tried this for you. I changed the status in google home and then the status in homey also changed. And visa versa ( the change in google home takes some time, from Google home to homey is instantly)