"Works with Google" devices, the other way around

Hi everyone!

I’ve been trying to find the answer to this question for a while now, but in the way all search-engines work, I only get the answer the other way around…

I want to control devices that I have added to my google home with my homey. So - to avoid the same confusion. I have set up everything so that I can use/control my homey-attached devices through google home, but I would like it the other way around.

For example; I have some lights from Govee that work perfectly through google home, but they don’t work directly with Homey. Is there any way I can use the homey to send commands to google to changes settings?

Heck, even just sending “Hey google, turn on the govee lights” via a flow would be sufficient.

Hope it’s clear and there is a solution!


That’s the only way for now afaik.
With Google TTS app and two google speakers in the same room.
I used an extra word to deal with the ‘pling’ so to speak.
Send this via TTS, to one of the google speakers:
“Okay google, okay, turn on the govee lights”

Hhmm… yeah, that’s totally useless to me, haha. I understand it kinda works, but defeats most purposes of automation… :confused:

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Then Athom should talk to Google about integration :grimacing:.
Did you check out IFTTT?