FROM Homey to Google Home

What am looking for is to send commands to Google Home. Is that possible ?
This way it would give more devices compatibility to Homey that is why i am asking?
Please if ny one has perform it please answer ?

It’s not possible.

@robertklep Are you aware it s possible to send commands to GH using assitant relay ?

Yes I am. If you’re willing to go that route (I thought you were looking for a Homey-native solution), you can perhaps use the Logic “Make a web request” cards.

Awsome idea i will try that. Since you are aware :slight_smile: do you know if state can be send from gh to homey in anyway ?
…because as you know in domotic, all you need is get state and send command !

No idea, I don’t use GH.

I do use Google Home / Google Assistant. Unfortunately, it’s a fairly decent voice assistant at best. I don’t really like it and use it for it’s ‘smart’ abilities. The flows in Homey are way more suited for that. Nevertheless, I do use it, so perhaps I can help. What is it exactly you are trying to accomplish?

Do you want to send the state of a light bulb in GH (on / off) to Homey?

Awsome reply thanks. Actually i am trying to setup some devices that are not in homey appstore, (i am not needing voice commands, just commands)
Yes i am sure i will be able to send command thanks assistant relay to GH. But yes how to get the state if the light bub is on or off?
I did not figure it out.

Out of Google Home, the best would be to use Home Assistant as a service to bring to homey app devices that are not in homey appstore

That’s a though one. Routines won’t even allow you to do something when a device is turned on or off.

Perhaps one of the most viable workarounds is to create a virtual device (a lightbulb ofcourse) in Homey and synchronise it with GH. If you assign the light bulb to the same room as the virtual light bulb, they will turn on and off together en GH will alert Homey that the state of the virtual device has changed. Mind you, you would have to always use the correct voice commands (turn on the lights in room x), because if you mention the light bulb specifically, the virtual device won’t turn on/off.

Another way would be to check is you can use IFTTT to relay the information to Homey. I believe GH is connected to IFTTT. I’m just not sure if you can trigger an applet in IFTTT based on a light bulb turning on or off.

What light bulbs are you using?