Is possible to control non-Homey Device trought Google Assistant?

Hi, i just bought this LED strip BlitzWill® BW-NL1 Neon LED Strip 3M RGBIC Lights with Music Sync DIY Design APP&Remote Control Work with Alexa, Google Assistant Neon Strip Light for Living Room Gaming Wall Decoration Sale - Banggood USA and it’s not natively supported by Homey, but it works just fine with Google Home, so I wondering, if there is a way to call Routine commands from Homey so I could turn on/off this strip by Homey flows? Thx

Add a virtual switch, and off you go

In Dutch (try
Wasmachine in Homey koppelen via Google

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Hi, sorry but I didn’t get how this should solve my issue, because I can create a virtual switch, but I still can’t turn on/off that light, because it’s not in homey. Please explain it better.

Make a virtual button. In google home it will be imported. Make a routine(household). When the virtual button is on, then your device in GH on. Second routine When your virtual button is off, then…… i hope you get the point.

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Thanks Marcel.
And @PayteR , the explanation could be found when you hit/click the blue line below my suggestion:

It’s a new thing called ‘hyperlink’, and that magically opens up a page with an example of how to use it with GHome…

of course i clicked on it, read it, and tried to understand it, but I didn’t get how to do it from that thread + images are not translatable

I dug deeper into this and finally make it, answer from @Marcel_Ubels explained to me it to me better and simpler. I didn’t even need to make a virtual switch, because I already attached routines it to the Aqara switch.

But now the last problem is that it’s tooooo slow - about 10-20s, and I presume it’s not solvable because Google is that slow by its nature, am I right?

Btw thank you both for helping me.

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Okay, sorry for that, it looked liked you missed the link :wink:
About the slowness, that can have many causes.

When i clicked on light devices in GHome app it’s fast, but when Just when i press the physical switch then this automatization thought GHome it’s slow. Any ides how to make it faster?