Alexa - is this possible in Homey?


Day 6 of Homey.

I have created a virtual button called Shutdown Lounge.

I have created a Flow called Shutdown Lounge.

The flow starts with the Virtual Button.

Then shuts down Hue lights
Then the Harmony devices
Then the Nanoleaf
Then some zwave sockets.

I would like to invoke the Virtual button from Alexa…

‘Alexa ask Homey to Shutdown Lounge’

Alexa reports all ok

Nothing happens - no action by Homey.

Ideally I will build a Shutdown routine for every room in the house and invoke ‘Goodnight’ mode by creating a Virtual Device and invoking a Flow of Flows .

Can anyone shed any light on this or express ideas on ambition of this/


I did a routine instead

Ok so remember Day 6 for me…

How did you invoke the Alexa, cover the patio…

I cannot see any option with Alexa in devices or plugins…


Is this a virtual button or switch?
I find also switches are available within Alexa, not Buttons
Did you create the Virtual Device via Homey devices or the Virtual Device app?
Try setting the device type of the switch as light or plug with just on/off capabilities

Virtual button, i’ll Change it to a switch.

Native Homey button/switch

Will do, thanks.


Ok Getting Alexa to work with Homey - there are two Homey apps in Alexa one with 4 * and another with 3*.

The 3* one is the one that appears to work better.

Confusing two identically named, with same logo etc Homey Apps in Alexa Skill Store.

Anyway - Homey has shared EVERYTHING with Alexa, a bit frustrating because it also add ALL the Hue lights again to Alexa as well as the Hue Hubs so I have two of EVERY bulb the house. Had to disable all the Homey Hue lights in Alexa as Alexa would no longer let me control.

Anyway Echo is ignoring both Homey VDs Switch and Button.

How is everyone else doing it?

Try adding it as a light.

Please try to use the search option before posting questions :

Ok it takes time - 20 odd minutes from creating the VD Switch (Light or Plug) and running Discover on Alexa before the VD shows up - show up it does!!!

Thanks for you help.

It all just takes time - need to find logs so I can try and work out why it takes so long but that is for another day.

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It once took over 24 hours for my devices to show up … Though generally they will show up with in an hour.

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