Controlling virtual button (flow) with google home

Hi there!

I integrated all my devices from my Homey in Google Home and it’s working perfectely. I can turn on/off my lamps, see temperatures and other parameters. But now I want to be able to ask Google to play a flow wich I created in Homey. I created a virtual button who’s envelopping a flow to turn on some lights when we’re going to eat. The flow itself is working but it’s not recognized in Google home like the other devices. Can somebody tell me what to do?
To be clear: I want to ask Google: Hey Google, mode repas… “mode repas” is the name of my virtual button…
I’m a old fibaro user and a new Homey fan. I learned a lot with this forum but I can’t find my answer this time…

Try adding a virtual switch instead of a button

I use VD (virtual devices) and works like a charm.

It’s working with a virtual switch !!! The solution was not very far but it was driving me crazy… So no virtual button but virtual SWITCH !!!
Thanks a lot guys !!!

Anyone any ideas how to get it working with a virtual button? Virtual switch has the annoying fact that Google home keeps state of the switch. For example in case I turned on lights in the living room manually (not using Google home) I can’t ask Google home to turn off lights on groundfloor as the virtual switch for lights on groundfloor is already in off state and as a result Google does not forward the request to Homey. Although the work around to ask Google home to turn on lights on groundfloor and then ask Google home to turn off lights on groundfloor will work, this is not what I envisioned when I started to automate my house :unamused:

Not possible. Ad a card in your flow that set the state of the device back to what it was.

How will this work when there are multiple light sections on groundfloor (e.g. kitchen, living etc.) which all can be turned on and off independently of each other but you also want commands to turn on and off the whole groundfloor an once? As mentioned before problem is with Google who keeps track of switch states. Anyone has a solution for this?