Run Flow when virtual device is turned on or off even when it is already in that state

I have a virtual device to control a device with Google home. The normal actions work fine. However it only works if the device in Homey is in the opposite state. Meaning, when I say “He Google turn device on” this only works if the device is off in Homey. Is there a way to always run the “on” respectively “off” flow when triggered by Google Home independent of the current state in Home?



I used to use two virtual switches, one that is always on to turn something off and one that is always off to turn things on. Flows made sure the virtual device was turned to the right state after use. Very unsatisfying.

I now switched to controlling flows from Google. Make flows to do what you need (but I guess you already have them?), make the flows favorite so Google Home can control them. You can create routines in Google home to define the sentences you prefer for turning things on or off if you do not like saying “start …” to trigger the right flow.

@Edwin_D thanks for your reply. I had hoped for a nicer solution, e.g. some setting to always run the flow. :wink:
When you use two virtual switches, how do you name them and what do you say to Google? If you call them the same, how does Google distinguish them from each other?
I guess using a “modus” has the same problems/restrictions?

If you name them the same (this might take some doing because Google won’t allow that itself using editing in Home) it is pretty much the same as for one device. Google says it changes two devices, but will in fact only be able to change one, so it works as expected but sounds funny.

The flow solution is by far the cleaner one, and you’ll be able to use any phrase you want. It just takes a little more work.