Assistand virtual device question

I am trying to get my garage door opener to work with google assistant.
I am wanting it to activate a flow since the flow checks for open or closed state of the door.
I have installed a virtual device for assistant to use.

However my issue is that when assistant turns on the virtual device it toggles on and stays that way. There is no option in the virtual device for momentarily on. It staying on then disables future on commands from assistant
Any Ideas on how to fix this?

In your flow that this virtual devices turns on your garage door, set an action to turn it off after a delay, say 3 sec. That you can turn on again in google assistant.

Another way to do this is without the virtual device.

When: someone says “garage door open”
Then: (your flow actions)

In the Google Home app, create a routine.
Voice commands:
“garage door open” “open garage door” “open garage” etc. - use whatever versions of the command you might use.
Then for the action it triggers, use “ask homey garage door open”

And same for closing the garage door.

That way you can trigger flows directly without being reliant on the status of a virtual device.

Is it not possible to add a virtual button instead of a switch?

So far as I as I can tell, assistant doesn’t see buttons. Only devices.

Ah, ok.

awesome - thank you Cory. That works great.

ok - the only issue there is now it requires that I unlock my phone. This for some reason isn’t the case with other devices :frowning:
For example my ‘arriving home’ routing still turns lights on without unlocking.