[How to] make Google Assistant ask you a question and trigger an action based on a confirming answer

Been looking for a while now to make the Google Assistant ask me a question and take an action based on my reply. Wasn’t able to find an answer. This does the trick. The example below is just for illustration, the possibilies are endless. Basically a positive reply to Google Assistant turns on one button in Homey that knows what to do based on the timer that is running. Only disadvantage is you still need to say Ok/hey Google before replying to the question but I`m pretty sure this is inevitable.

Required apps:
Virtual Devices
Google Services
Google Chromecast

  1. Create a virtual device in Homey and link Google Home to Homey so the virtual device is visible in Google Home.
  2. Go to Google Home in a webbrowser, create a new automation. In the script editor you have to create as many possible confirming replies as you can think of. (ChatGTP to the rescue)


Basic example below:

  1. Gameroom light is on for 30 minutes
  2. Nest Hub wil cast the question and start a timer.
  3. If the reply is confirming the Google automation will turn on the virtual device (independent of the Homey flow).
  4. When the virtual device is turned on and the coresponding timer is running it will trigger the action that needs to be carried out.
  5. When the light it is turned off and the timer is still running the Google assistant will confirm this.

Not too experienced with writing an ‘How to’ so hopefully, all above makes sense. Figured it was time to give a bit back after all I learned in this community.