Can Homey ‘tell’ my Google Home Mini to perform tasks on Chromecast?

When casting something to my Chromecast, I can assign buttons on any remote to trigger flow cards. The most often used one is Trigger pause/play.

I can also ask my Google Home Mini to pause, play, rewind, go forward, or even Start from the beginning with voice commands.
I’m looking for a way to assign a remote button to do just that. Since there are no flow cards (yet) for video navigation, would it be possible to assign a button / create a flow that ‘talks to’ my Google Home Mini? This way, I might even be able to start the latest news, or a timer, without having to speak.

Is this possible?

I think not (yet), only with tts

Would this work? Can Homey tell Google “Rewind 30 seconds” or “NOS Nieuws” and will Google home Mini then respond?

It works with 2 mini’s within “hearing” range.
One speaks your tekst, the other responds to the voice command.
It’s explained in the thread I linked to in my previous reply

Rond of with 2 mini. Works great hut looks stupide.