Can Homey give google command to google device?

Hi all,

I’m wondering if it is possible to let Homey give some sort of silent command to google? In my doorbell flow i want to stream the doorbell stream to the google home after the doorbell is being pressed. The rtsp links are not working for me now and getting to the bottom of this takes me too much work.
So i thought if i can say “hey google, stream doorbell” and the google home streams the doorbell… Can Homey do this for me from out a flow?

I´m not sure what you´re trying to do. When you say stream to google home, what do you mean?
Are you trying to send a video stream from a doorbell camera to a screen?
Are you trying to play a doorbell sound on a google speaker?

If any of the above then what camera or what speaker?

The first option.
Its a foscam vd1. By itself in homey it doesnt give me an option to stream the video to a chromecast device.

When you know the Foscam stream URL, it should be possible to cast it as video or website with Ggl chromecast app

Foscam stream url should be like:

I changed it with my valuables:

Checked the url if it was playable in a media player on my pc and it worked. But when starting the flow with the cast url to google home the flow line underneath that node becomes red. Also, no media is being played on the google home (because of red line). But i don’t know where i can see a detailed error log in Homey to check out what’s going wrong in a flow.


Hover the red line, or attach a notification / log card to the error dot with it’s error tag, like this


Probably only http(s) is working with those cards; that is an assumption, while your stream works in a media player

Thank you! I’ve set a pushnotification card with the error tag. Gave back the device wasn’t available. But it’s always on? So i deleted the chromecast devices and added them back.
Set the cards back and tried it again.
Now with the videoMain and videoSub rtsp links the cast is being started without errors. The issue is i only see a cast icon on my google home and not the real stream from the doorbell.

I’ve been searching on how to set up the http stream but i’m not getting very far. I think it should be https://192.168.*.***:443/videoMain
If i enter it in my media player on pc it asks to accept the security certificate. If i accept it, it fails to render the file (url).
If i do place this url into the cast card i get this error:
Missing token value: card::64d799fd-837f-412c-b225-20af0e198eb5::error

You’re welcome.

Try http instead of https on your LAN


Chromecast app can be unstable, restarting it solves it for X hours.
This often goes unnoticed, so automate detection and restart:

  1. Homey has flow card ‘when app has crashed’, but the issue often is, the app has not the state ‘crashed’, but it got ‘killed’, or has an ‘unexpected error’ state.
    These states however can be found with the Device Capabilities app, by this trigger card
    Screenshot from 2024-05-04 17-31-18
    Now it triggers a flow when you set it to ‘unavailable’ and select Google Chromecast for the ‘Brand’ field. Add the Then ‘Restart app Ggl Chromecast’ card, and it auto-restarts the app.
  2. When you don’t need/want that app, use this flow example, but do connect the ‘Every x minutes’ card to the Chromecast device AND card “is playing”:

Thnx! Ill take a look at the http link. More on that later.
What app gives me the possability to add system cards in my advanced flows? Can’t seem to find them.

Oh, you have to enable ‘power user’ at experiments settings.
Then you’d see the ‘System’ category when adding flowcards.

Could it be that i don’t have the same cards as you have?
Only got a “when homey starts” as trigger. Nothing in the “and” section. And only these two in the “then” section:

I checked both the rtsp and http adresses but with both occur the same thing. A cast icon appears on the google home but nothing is actually shown.

I’m using Pro19; It’s probably in an other folder @ Pro23, maybe in ‘Apps’?
Or just use the search bar when you are adding a “Then” card, it should pop up:

Thnx! I 've found it.

Now about that casting to the google home. You got any more suggestions? Because both rtsp and http links only show a cast icon but doesn’t actually stream the doorbell camera.
Also brings me back to my first question: is it possible to let Homey give a voice command to google home? Because when i say “hey google, stream doorbell” it just streams the doorbell.

I searched for rtsp in here. Rtsp stream should be converted first by Homey, but Homey is not capable of doing that.


  1. Bit of a redneck way:
    when you have an 2nd Ggl speaker in listening reach of the 1st one, you can use a text to speech card, and play it on the 2nd Ggl speaker;
    Make the text like
    “Hey noodle, hello, stream doorbell”

The “hello” is needed to wait for the bleep before the actual command is spoken.
Any word will do, as long as the voice doesn’t take too little, or too much time to say it.

  1. A better way might be:
    Starting the stream should work using Ggl routines, which you can trigger by a virtual device from Homey.
    Not every virtual device type works, with a virtual kettle you can start Ggl Home routines.
    Check my post here:
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I laughed at the first option. It could work! I won’t argue with that. But i’m not going to spend money to put another google speaker next to it :stuck_out_tongue: But again, i like the idea! :wink:

The second option is one i could take a look at. Thnx for that!

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Yes it really works. It’s very funny to hear one Ggl speaker command the other :smile: