Homey as google assistant device

Would it not be great if homey could send commands like: “ok google, stream security cam to google hub” or “ok google, sing me a song” to google assistant.

then we would be able to use homey to control items which are not connected to homey but which are integrated in google assistant

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Errrm, isn’t that the other way around and somewhat illogical? The mic wasn’t removed in the new devices without a reason…
Besides that, are you then going to disable the Mic on the GH (mini)? Else both will respond to every question…

i meant: so we could use it in a flow to give a command to google assistant.

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I understand what you mean, could be useful indeed.

I think you will find that ti is google who stops it rather then Homey, I know that it is possible to do this with Alexa - however it requires a bit of a hack.