Google TTS setup issue


I installed this app

And I created a flow where I use the Google TTS as card in the THEN section.

Other as shown in the app description I have no chance to select any google device.

Somehow I can only choose Broadcast to all devices, while clicking on the flow card. I can’t find an of my Google devices.

I am wondering how it should find those, as there is no app configuration where I could login to Google or anything.

What am I doing wrong, what did I miss. As some of you are successfully using this app, I am eager to find out what I am missing.

Thanks in advance for helping me :+1:

You’ll need at least one device which can be added with the “Chromecast” app.
Then you’ll be able to select that device.

My chromecast devices:

Ok thanks for the hint. Unfortunately I don’t have a Chromecast device. I do have an Android TV with Chromecast built-in, but that’s not gonna work I am sure.

That means I need to get a Chromecast device in order to set this app and use TTS.

Does that mean I can deactivate the Chromecast device afterwards and the TTS app will still run?

Second question: once I have the Chromecast device, the app will find all my Google devices in the network, like Google Max, Google Mini and Google Nest Hub?

Thanks again!

The Google Hub or Google Mini is a Chromecast device. You have to add that device into the Google Chromecast app.
So the TTS speaks trough the hub or mini.

Hi Mike,

Ok, but I don’t get those devices, I just get nothing, when trying to add a new device with the Chromecast app.

So I am using this app:

When adding a device in can only choose chromecast. When I do that the result is: no new devices found.

I deinstalled the Chromecast app and started from scratch with no success :person_shrugging:

Any idea? :v:

But do you have a Google device like a Hub or Mini?
If not then it is not going to work.
If you have one of those then you can restart the app or do a PTP.
(Pull the plug) Turn Homey of least 11 minutes.
If you have a Google device, is it in the same network.

Say “o.k. google, synchronice all” to the Google device.

Yes I have those network. Same wifi connected. I did PTP, restared app - but nothing changes.


Got it up and running now.

I did a homey recovery (luckily with a backup) and now I can finally see the google devices.

Don’t what the cause for that was - but now as it is working I am just happy :blush: