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Hello there,

I’m very new here. I ve read alot, but still learning daily as I ve installed homey 2 days ago.

Could somebody help me with my flow?

I would like to play music by Spotify as an alarm on my Google home mini. I heard that that’s possible when you make an ‘then card’ on the chromecast app. How do I connect my home minis to the chromecast app? And how does the Google chromecast app show up in my ‘then’ options?
Edit : just read that it’s impossible to play Spotify. The question still remains for other services.

You need to go to the devices section of the Homey app and add at least one of your devices. Then you will have flowcards for that device available.

@Shakesbeard I know how to add the devices. Just not the Google home minis

I added mine simply as device too. Weird they are not shown to you then. you might want to contact Athom support about that

You can use the “Cast an URL”: or Cast a TuneIn station

be aware ChromeCast and Home Mini are two different players:

for Chromecast and in HomeMini, in the Search window, just start typing:

@JPe4619, the most important question for me is how to make the minis show up. Do I need to install an app to make them appear (like my zigbee /Zwave devices : download an app, press the + button etc ?) I expected them to show up once I connected Google assistant and Google home app with homey. Buy they are not in my devices as you can see in the screenshots shown above.

And u did try add device-pick Chromecast app-add mini?

@Rocodamelshekima, thanks haha, that’s so easy. I didnt expect the chromecast app to find the minis as I expected it to be for the chromecast only. I tought I d need another app. Huge thanks once again (feeling bit stupid now)

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Don’t m8, we all had to find out. Have fun!

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