Play music with homey and google home

I have google home speaker
Sotify premium
How can i play music with homey interface?
Is there a way or i need to do it manualy?

Chromecast app

i have chormcast app
and i can see my speker with it (my google home speaker)
but i am not sure how to activate music via homey and not via spotify app

What do you like to achieve?
It is for example very interesting to create a flow and start some music if for example somebody is coming home.
I used it for example on a wake up alarm. just create a flow by setting a time and choose a playlist or radio station to play.

I want to be able to play and stop music from homey app
And not go into spotify app and then stream from there to google home…

Can u shere your flow?


I mark the Chromecast app
But i am not sure how to work with it

Make a flow and cast a video/audio OR cast a tunein station to the chromecast

Spotify as you requested is not an option

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mmm ok
10x !

Is this feature still working? I have tried several times without any luck. Which URL should I look for if I want to start a playlist on either Youtube or Youtube Music on a Google Home Speaker (mini and the Hub).

I only use this feature with radiostations mp3 streams, that certainly works. Maybe youtube only works on google hubs with screens?

Most likely, I also tried IFTTT but no result either. :frowning: