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Can Homey start a Spotify playlist on a Google Home (mini) speaker?

Sorry for the maybe stupid question, but I only have my Homey Pro since a few days now and am starting to play with it.

QUESTION: Is there a way for Homey to kick off a flow that instructs a Google Home speaker in a different location in your house to play a Spotify playlist?
My setup is in Dutch on both devices but I am not located in the Netherlands (which already causes some problems on its own). But I am trying to find out if it is worthwhile using my Homey rather than my bedroom Google Home mini, to set up an alarm in the morning where I hear some wake up mood music and have the lights go on smoothly.

On your app go to ‘meer’ > instellingen > taal and set the laguage to Enlish. That will help.
As far as i know you can’t start a playlist on a google home speaker in combination with homey.

Thanks Peter, I have read about changing the language too but I bought these devices in the past 2 weeks after I read that they supported my native language. Going to English defeats the purpose and will significantly reduce the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) on my end.

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Have you tried it with: https://apps.athom.com/app/com.spotify I beleive you can pair your google home with that app.

:frowning: that was a lie you cant

Oh that would have been neat though!

I believe yes you can.
If you want to set up your free Spotify account with Home, open the Google Home app, and tap “music.” To choose your default service, tap the radio icon next to the service you want. Spotify needs to be linked, so to connect your account, tap on “link,” and sign into your Spotify account.

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Google assitant can. Homey cannot