Can't get Homey to play music

Hello, I recently have started setting up my Homey. Everything is going great, except for the music part.

I have added my HEOS speaker connected to my Bang & Olufsen BeoLab speakers.
Have added my Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A9.
Installed the HEOS app.
Installed the Spotify app.

I can make a flow which plays, or pauses whatever is previously loaded. However I cannot find a way to start a specific playlist on a specific device.

I can see on other forum posts that other people have a music app. I can’t find this.

Any help would be appreciated, or a link to another forum post with helpful information would be nice.

Thank you!

Spotify app of Homey is only for Spotify Connect speakers, heos speakers are not Spotify Connect speakers if I’m right, not sure about the bang and olufsen speakers, so the homey spotify app probably won’t do you any good here.

So to play a certain Playlist, this will need to be implemented in the HEOS app, feel free to send in a feature request for this, as it is an Athom app.

I have a couple of HEOS HS2 Speakers and I can access them all by using the Spotify App itself. Does that not mean they are Spotify Connect capable?

I do have the same issue with Homey running v3.1.0, I do not see any of my HEOS Speakers in the Spotify App of Homey.

Any advise on what to do next? I am brand new to Homey and well did hit my first bump in the road.


Just because it can play Spotify (you’ll probably have to be logged into Spotify on your heos before the Spotify app itself works) doesn’t mean they are Spotify connect speakers.

Hello Caseda

That is I think how they HEOS Speakers used to work, but I do not log into Spotify with the HEOS App anymore, I just use the Spotify app and under connected speakers I see my HEOS Speakers. From this HOWTO Page from Denon, I would think they do work/are Spotify Connect speakers.