Problems connecting Homey to Google Nest Hub Gen.2


I just bought Google Hub Nest Gen2, and inlcuded Homey in Google Home. I downloaded app in Homey and activated sync. Now I would like to send voice from Homey to Google Nest Hub, but I cant add device Google Nest Hub. Google App in Homey support devices like Hub Max, Cam Doorbell and Thermostat. Is it possible that Homey does not support Google Nest Hub Gen.2?

It strange since everything work other way, transfer data to/from Homey to Google Home, but cannot make a flow to send a voice from Homey to Google Hub, beacause device not supported by homey

I think you need this app.


Thank you

My Homey won’t add Google Nest Hub as device, does homey devicelist need an update?
I have installed my Google Nest app, but Homey can’t find any devices when I logged into Google account.

The same here. Strange thing, that Google says “no devices to connect to Homey” (and I am logged in on my Google Nest Hub).

I´ve the same problem aswell. Is there any news or a fix available yet???

This still seems to be an issue, at least here in Australia. Did anyone find a solution?

Same Problem in Germany. Any solutions?

same problem here in Amsterdam… Only Hub Max.

You need this app (and Yes, sounds strange)

Not only Chromecast but also nest mini’s, hub (only apparently not max), nest audio