Chromecast devices not working

Hi All,

I’ve got a Google Assistant (google mini and it’s bigger brother) within almost every room in my house. Integration with Homey is still terrible, but I kind of fixed that using IFTTT as a work-around and that also still works fine.

The issue I’m having is that I’d also like Homey flows to start music / sound on those chromecast devices. So I installed the “Google Chromecast” app, it could see all of my devices and I’ve added them. I’m sure this was working a while, but now that I want to add a alarm flow and start the devices playing radio I see that the integration with Homey to the chromecast devices no longer work.

When I perform any action on the devices they list this weird error below listing “Could not find application to play” and “Error sending value”:

I already removed the entire application including all of the devices, restarted Homey, installed everything again but still I keep getting these error messages.

I also restarted all of the homeys, no luck as well.

Anyone else having this issue and perhaps / hopefully a resolution? I got Homey updated to the latest (non experimental) release.