Reply through the same speaker?

Hi there!

I’m new to the smart home scene and I’m hitting a few hurdles.
I’ve installed a smart doorlock and I’ve set up a flow (and google routine) where I can ask Homey if the door is currently locked. However, with the Google TTS app, I am limited to pre-defining which speaker(s) give the reply. As I have more than a handful of Google Nest devices in my home I’d like the answer to be played from which ever speaker was asked the question, is this possible?
I’ve looked around and I can’t seem to find any way of doing this.
Many thanks for your help!

Good question and I’ve wondered this as well. Currently I also use Google Home devices for talking to Homey, initiating flows. I wonder if there is a unique ID number for a device that a flow could then direct an answer back to instead of pre specifying in Google TTS. I’m not a programmer at all so this may not be a thing

Unfortunately this is not possible as there is no information about the source being passed on.
Depending on your situation you could try to tinker a workaround.
For example, if you have a motion sensor you could perhaps tell in which room(s) to respond to a request by using a zone active and condition.
Might not be the best approach if you are a lot of people and have such a smart speaker in every room. Just an idea anyways.

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