Getting Homey to respond through Echo

Hi, this is bugging me as I know I used to have it working in an old flow (I think)!

When I speak to Alexa to activate a flow with Homey (using a virtual device) how do I get the voice response I’ve set up to be spoken out of the Alexa device rather than the Homey? I seem to remember that rather than use the standard “Voice” option in the flow, there is some sort of special response system that will send the response back to which ever device it was received from and it would be either spoken or displayed as text depending on the device in question. But I am completely failing to find the way to do that in the Homey desktop app!

You can get Alexa to respond by creating a Routine within the Alexa app that also activates your flow.
I don’t know how to achieve it the way you mention above, but would also love to know if its possible. Along the same lines I’d like to be able to ask Alexa the status of a switch or sensor and get a spoken response, ie - is the garage door open?

@Neil_Alford: You’ll have to use the first Homey skill for this. (The one where you have to say Alexa, ask Homey).