Can Google Home say something on a trigger from a Homey sensor

I would like to have a flow where my connected Google Home speakers will say something on a trigger from one of my Homey sensors. For instance when a z-wave basement door sensor is activated the Google speakers wil say “Basement door is opened”. Is this possible?

With Google TTS app it can.

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Thanks! It works perfectly!
Do you perhaps also know why Google does not show the sensors from Homey only the switchable devices? I would like to ask Google the status of a temperature sensor or door sensor.

Because Google is a voice-assistant. You can ask it to turn things on and off, ask some questions to services connected to google (news feeds, travel time (google maps), calender items (Google Calendar) etc). It is not really a smart home hub like Homey.

Having said that, you could do this with a work-around. If you make a virtual device, you can set to state to on or off based on the door sensor with flows. Google does detect virtual devices. Give it a usable name and you are good to go. Disadvantage: You can ask google to turn the door sensor (the virtual device) on or off, which just doesn’t make sense.