Howto for starting flow using IFTTT and google assistent

I used IFTTT in the past with homey and that worked, but i stopped using it and removed all flows and pairing.

Now i want to use it again but i can’t seem to get it to work anymore.
In the past there was a nice how to with picture how to do this, but this page is not online any more.

I am sure i am missing something because the flows are not started at all.

This is what i did:

  • installed iftt app in homey and phone
  • opened the app pn Homey and start the connection.
  • in IFTTT i logged in using my personal google account
  • I used ‘WHEN’ to start an action, here i selected simple phrase with google assistent.
  • I connected ifttt with assistent
  • in the THEN statement i choose start flow with Homey
  • in homey i logged in with my homey admin account and granted everything
  • I entered the passphrease i wanted to use (tried several different phrases) and choose from the puldown list the flow i which to execute.
  • saved it and starting testing.

What i do, which flow i use it does not work…

The flow itself works fine, i can choose every flow i want but i cannot start it using ifttt/assistant.
When looking into activity in ifttt the only activity is creating the applet.
When looking in services then the google assistance and homey is listed and connected, there are no other services.

Can someone tell me when i do wrong, is there somewhere the old howto to found where step by step is described how to set up ifttt with homey?


As far as I know you start ifttt at the WHEN part. So click on WHEN and choose IFTTT. The name of your flow you use on IFTTT.

i did that but it does not work.

I vague remember that also webhooks or something should be installed at ifttt side aswell, but not sure