The end of IFTTT = the end of Homey for me -

You gotta be kidding me,

Homey ends support for IFTTT???
Half of my devices doesn’t have a homey app but work perfectly togheter with IFTTT and they end this?
This madness must stop. You buy something and the company just say DONE. Easy Peasy.
Now I AM DONE with all these ****** tech companies who make decissions for us after you buy there products.
I tell you a little story: My grandfather bought a radio when he was 25 and that same radio played when he died at 85.
Now everything stops working after 2 years. No more updates, end of life, no more support,…


I think IFTTT is largely to blame for this situation. Since they wanted to have money, many users including me have ended the collaboration. Athom now only follows this step. However, it is still possible for IFTTT and Homey to exchange information via WebHooks.


I get the feeling.

Partly agreed for mobile phone & tablet stuff. And what about Smart TV’s which don’t run netflix apps anymore after 3 years.

You can say what you want, but since the first Homey Pro ball 5 or 6 years ago, there’s still new (free of charge) firmware with bug fixes, updates, rewrites etc.
They don’t sell a new model every 2 years and end support for the older models to “force” you to upgrade.
Pretty unique in the electronics business.

Oh, I did not use ifttt btw.


You are absolutely right Peter but Athom does it also. End of this, end of that. Smartphones are worse but every IOT thing does eventually the same and that’s a pitty. You can’t rely on a platform anymore that worked fine in the past *2-4 years :confused:
Stuff worked much longer in the past, but hey, that’s the future…

I heard they got greedy then had a falling out with a lot of their users and other companies started breaking off from them.


I use IFTTT quite a bit and this does mean my usage of Athom as a controller will have to end.

It is annoying when a provided feature that is a reason to purchase is later just dropped by the manufacturer. I understand why it happens but it messes up my system and the reason I chose Homey in the first place.

I understand people who get angry about it, but let’s be honest. IFTTT took its toll on itself. Very few companies and users still accept the costs.
The latency has always been terrible.
If the Internet fails, IFTTT is dead.
Anyone who has actually invested in devices that cannot be controlled by Homey should get a Raspi with Home Assistant. Homey can then work with hundreds of other devices.


Have you noted that Athom have suggested a work-around?



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I was an avid IFTTT user for years and got quite angry at them, along with most of their users, for making that greedy move. And yes, most of their users left and went for alternatives. Lo and behold: It was their downfall.
I must admit, it brings a smile to my face.
I’m sorry for those that will have an issue with Homey flows, but there are good alternatives.
The things I used it for is easily recreated with a combination of Homey flows and apps, AutomateIt and some routines with Alexa.

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Same. I’m absolutely gutted and now I’m going to have to figure out webhooks when I get some time - which isn’t very often.

I’ve got the Broadlink RM Pro and got fed up with the Homey App. It was a bloody nightmare. So, I worked out how to use IFTTT, paid the monthly subscription and off it went like a dream. It was a great workaround for all the 433mhz blinds that I have everywhere.

I disagree with the comment about electronics and 2 years. You shouldn’t have to change/upgrade home automation every 2 years. Imagine the work involved doing that. Unless ALL companies move to an XML style of “flows”, how would you ever switch

Here’s how, it isn’t that hard once you get it:

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