How to handle Arlo when IFTTT is turned off?

Hi, just got news that Homey will turn away from IFTTT in feb. I have used IFTTT as the only way to communicate with Arlo after they so kindly turned on the 2fa and made the existing Homey app non-functional.

I now fear that without IFTTT I will only be able to received events via webhooks from Arlo, not be able to turn on and off surveilence from Homey.

That would make Arlo quite pointless…

Any ideas on how to resolve this? Anyone working on a new Arlo app?

Heb je dit gelezen? 2FA disablen en Wie weet…

Arlo has made 2fa mandatory…
You can’t turn it off any more.

Ah okay. Then you could try to contact Jamie and make a request. Jamie can be found at the < group > app topic.

@Jamie any plans/possibilty to update app now that Homey close door on IFTTT workaround?

Next camera, buy a Hikvision :grin:

The Arlo app is still working, but only if you have not turned on 2FA .

Once you turn on 2FA, there is nothing I can do, as the way they have implemented 2FA targets specifically people accessing their APIs.

Perhaps contact their support and ask them to disable your 2FA?

Hassio dudes made a “workaround” for 2fa.

Also the homey community store have a great home assistant app, works flawless for sensors

Edit: added “” to workaround on behalf of Jamie

No, they have no “worked around it”.

“For IMAP 2FA Arlo needs to access and your email account form where it reads the token Arlo sent.”

Their “solution” is to ensure that you sign up using an email with imap … then it asks for and saves your email credentials then manually logs in and check all your mail for the code, periodically.

As I said, as far as I know, there is no “work around” you need access to where ever that is is sent. And logging in and reading peoples emails is a little on the 1984 side for me. And completely undermines the 2fa … why have it on at all?

Wow, people are actually willing to allow a 3rd party to have complete access their email inbox… Nuts :upside_down_face:

The code runs locally and it’s open source. It doesn’t require 3rd party access to e-mail accounts.

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Jeez sorry Jamie, i forgot to add a “” to the “workaround” part :roll_eyes:

Also just create a junk protonmail.

If you find some workaround to work with Arlo please let me know.
When I enable the alarm system at home via homey it also arms the arlo cameras via ifttt…
I always start the flow via my smartphone so maybe some other program can create a scene to start the homey flow and then start the ifttt flow on the smartphone?

Still thinking on what to do here without creating too much work for myself. One option might be using smartthings/aeotec to handle arlo arm/disarm and geofencing. And then trigger events via webhooks to IFTTT into homey.

Then arlo and smartthings can live thier own insecure life, and I can handle the real automation in homey…

Sending Webhooks from Homey to IFTTT works well to (dis)arm Arlo, using whatever trigger works for you. I’m not too thrilled about Homey’s geofence.

A tutorial how to keep using IFTTT trough webhooks after the official IFTTT support has ended can be found here: