Advanced Flow help please

This category is created to show, and explain the working of specific Flows in homey.

Here is what I have, but looking for a better way/way that works.

Basically wanting to open most of the blinds at 8am UNLESS the outside light levels are less than 35 lumens, in that case open most of the blinds when light levels hit 35 lumens.

The remaining blinds open the same way but at the earliest at 09:00.

Anyone got any ideas? I could open blinds 30 mins after sunrise as long as it is over the 08:00 or 09:00 times.

You should definitely try using the build in logic AND cards, and look at the current luminescence level with that, and have the time as trigger (8:00), instead of the luminescence becoming bigger then 35.

As far as I can see Homey Advanced flows doesn’t not support luminance in an AND option.

I can’t find an option in flows that supports 30 minutes after sunrise.

I’ll look to see if there are any Apps that will allow me to do this.

To use any sensor’s luminance f.i. as condition in the AND part, it’s in the Logics part (like Caseda alr. mentioned). I made a little screenvid


This is possible with the Sun Events app

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The way how to use logic cards for e.g. lux values was already explained by several users in your topic:



Still trying to work how to implement this in Flows

At 09:00 Open blinds if Luminance >=35, if not then wait until luminance>=35

The best I have come up with so far is this.

That is exactly what you are saying with this sentence:

Personally, I would add more conditions so that the blinds are not switched on/open a second time even though they are already open:

Of course you can also ad more condition cards like It is after Dawn (30) if it makes sense, what I cannot judge in your case.

Regarding the DayLight - Yes/No variable. Such variables make sense if you can use them in many flows. But only for this particular flow, it makes no sense. You need additional flows and an additional variable.
But this is only my personal opinion.



An excellent answer, well presented!

Thank you!

I struggle to understand how luminance in a When card is the actual device, but when used in an AND it is a Logic card.

But for a time When you use a Time card, and for an AND card you don’t use a logic card you use a time card.

I could not find an ‘after 9:00am in the Logic cards so hence the confusion.

Thanks again for clearing this up!

You inspired me,

So added checks so it won’t keep trying open already open blinds and to trap for any issues when opening the blinds.

Nice thanks!

Seems I didn’t explain it well enough.
– Logic card X is not greater than y: How should this card work if it’s not triggered? The connecting lines from the trigger cards to the logic card are missing.
– The value of the logic card X is not greater than y: In my screenshot I explicitly pointed out that not the value 50 but 0.5 has to be entered.

Thank you for your patience

I’m looking at this and thinking that this might be what I need. But I’m new to all of this and I don’t understand how let’s say the “#Position” logic card is created and related to my Ikea blinds?

Do I have to create all the logic cards from scratch or should there be pre-defined logic tags within the system? When I try to search in the logic section nothing appears.

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