Create a sunset flow

I will have my outdoor lamp to go on at sunset and go off at 23:00 in the evening. How do I create this? Anyone? Thanks for and answers.

What have you tried?

I think I have tried everything but I am new with Homey and not sure to understand the flowthing.

If you don’t understand flows, perhaps you should start here:

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After that you probably can do it but don’t hesitate to search before creating a new topic.

There are plenty with example flows and explanations

These are on a desktop often shown before creating a new topic based on the title you choose.

Believ me, I have gone trow the guides several times. I just have to start from zero again.

  1. WHEN the sun sets in 0 minutes THEN turn on light X
  2. WHEN it’s 23:00 THEN turn off light X

It doesn’t really get much simpler than that.

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Ok, two flows, :+1:

Yes 2 flows because you want to do 2 commands, looks logic to me.