Weird behavior after reboot (using a flow)

So I have a flow that reboots Homey once a week (at 04:15 the night between Saturday and Sunday). I have this flow because Homey sometimes is a little buggy such as the 433 MHz system locks up.

However, after this scheduled reboot Homey often loose the 433 MHz, the Zigbee system and flows are missed. This requires a manual reboot to fix.

What can it be that makes Homey so unstable after a flow initiated reboot?

Did you check all apps are restarted after the Homey restart? That might give a clue.

How do I check that?

More… apps.
Check for apps on pause

Thank you! I’ll check that the next time.

So if I find any apps that are paused, how do I fix that they are not paused after a flow reboot? Should I do a double reboot with a delay in the flow?

If there are apps that are paused then contact the developer to see if anything can be done.

One of my apps asynchronously reconnected to all the devices. At start-up when all the other apps were also loading, it meant my app took up too much CPU time and was therefore paused by Homey. I had to change my app so devices were connected synchronously and that solved the problem.
I not saying that is the case for the apps you are using, but just one possibility.

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I do the same, but after a reboot of Homey i also restart a couple of apps synchronously.
For that i use a timer.
30 minutes after the reboot i start with my first app restart and then every 10 minutes after the next.

How do you trigger an app restart in a flow?

Enable Power User (…More > Settings > Experiments)
Then, the item called ‘System’ becomes available in the flow editor.

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Something like this Hugo?

Yes, something like that.
I don’t use advance flows (yet), but it looks like what i do.

Perfect! It’s going to be interesting to see what happens this weekend! :grinning: I’ll let you know. :+1:

I didn’t even know about the “Restart app” or “An app has crashed” cards. I did a flow with where I collected all the apps that I have experienced problems with that states When “An app has chreshed”—>Then “Restart app”.

I have always rebooted Homey when there has been problems with for example the 433 MHz system. From now on I will try restarting the specific apps instead…if the flow doesn’t work that is.

I did try a while ago the ‘an app has crashed’ carrd, but it didn’t work for me.