After bootup homey run job after 10 minutes to turn off lights


Would it be possible to create a job/script in Homey that starts after a startup of Homey and after 10 minutes turn off all the Philips Hue lights?

When we have a power failure and the Homey is offline and the power comes back on all the smart lights from Philips Hue are on. And if this happends when i’m not at home i don’t see it that the Homey is started to turn off the lights.

I am using the Philips Hue lights straight on Homey without the Philips hub.

try this…



And if that does not work use a second delayed flow

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Recent Philips Hue firmware updates allow you to set the status in which your bulbs come back after power disruption. I don’t see this available in the directly to Homey connected Hue bulbs, only via bridge. So not sure if this is a bridge or a bulb feature. And you need a Philips Hue Bridge to configure this.

And where can I find the option “Homey is gestart”?
When I add a new flow and click on the new card under when i don’t see the option “Homey has started” (see attached screenshot of my add new flow screen). Is that a different app inside Homey?

Go to experimental and switch on power user, it gives you the option system in the flow edotor. The you can find the needed card

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Thanks now I found it.