Startup flow?

Is there any way to create a startup flow? I use a lot of HUE lights, and these have to be set to ‘on when powered’, otherwise they don’t work with the regular wall switches, but when there is a power outage, or I have to cut the power for some reason, when the power returns, all lights go on in my house.
I would like to be able to start a flow (all lights off) whenever homey starts, which would theoretically only be after a power restore. Only disadvantage would be if there is an update and it restarts, but then probably if a light was on, I would be in that room, and I could just switch it back on.
It would also save me from getting a call from the neighbors when I’m away, asking why the lights are on all night for a few days now. (which actually already happened twice)

Enable power user experiment for the trigger


I’ve a similar flow as Geurt.
I use a push ack as condition, in case it is a good idea to NOT switch all lights off :grin:

To be able to select the “Homey has started” card, goto …More>Settings>Experiments and enable “Power User”

Thanks a lot both! That helped me a lot, actually during the day even a push message probably is enough, then I can check what happened, and decide to turn anything off or not, at night I’d probably just auto turn off the lights not to wake me up :wink:

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So in your case after a power outage, to switch on your lights with the regular wall switch.
You need to switch your wallswitch twice to turn on the light…?
(And also when you switch off your lights via hue…)

after a power outage everything switches on directly, for daily use I have motion sensors everywhere, but sometimes you just want to use a switch, for example when it is not dark enough to have the sensors switch on the light. I don’t use them often, but if I need to I can by switching off/on. This cannot be done if you set the lights to remember last state.
oh, and if homey for some reason doesn’t feel like switching anything on…i could still switch on the lights that way :slight_smile: