Philips Hue "When..." Turned On flow does not work


I have a problem that I hope someone else knows the answer to.

I am trying to get a flow working that starts with: “When… Turned On” but Homey does not seems to trigger when the lamp is ON. The thing is that I would like to create an auto dimmer flow for a couple of Philips Hue lamps that are triggered with normal light switches, and as you know if I turn on a Philips Hue lamp with a normal switch it will light up 100%. Here I would like Homey to detect that the lamp is turned on and automatically dim it to a lower percentage.

It worked once :slight_smile: but now it will not detect if its on or not. I was thinking if there exists a “When…” scheduler that I can trigger every 30 second to dim the light but this will be a ugly workaround but great to have if I can’t get the “Turned on…” to work.

BR /// Per

First, you need the hue bulb Always on the power.

Second, is you physically switch them off and turn them on again……it need some time to being seen by homey again, and who knows how homey handle that.

Don’t think Homey sees the powering on of the bulb as a “Turned on”. Not gonna work.
When switched on by Homey the flow will trigger tho.

Hue are not made to power of, they should be switch by triggers on/off.

BUT if you want to persist powering them off here’s what could help you:
1 update to the latest hue firmware on the bulbs
2 now you will be able to set the power up behaviour of the light

  • default it is warm white full brightness
  • if you select “last used color and brightness” it will turn back to the last state when powered on

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

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Great, I will test this right away, thanks. :+1: