Note when the power is back on a hue lamp

Need help with a flow on the following

I have a hue lamp that I switch off the power via an old twilight relay (not smart).
I see in the Hue app that the lamp is not in contact when the relay is off and when it is on, it is contactable.
When the power is cut, the lamp is on and when it is lit it is on. So no status change on the lamp via any flow. Only remember what it was when the power was cut and when the power is back.

So i need a flow that gets me a notification when the power i back . There is no power current or volt value from the lamp only the status on and dimming value. Which never changes.

Is there any flow that can make this notification?

I think the idea is that Homey should be able to generate an event when the connection has been lost, or re-established.

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Issue has already been , discussed on the forum… (use search)
Or click the link below

yes i want to know when lmpan loses or gets back the power. so there is no solution to this?

this link does not help me get a note when the power is back to the lamp. or I miss something

But in the link there is some statements that it’s not gonna work. So what else u wanna know?

ok you mean so. Then I’m with you. there is no solution to my question then.
Thank you for helping. :slight_smile:

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K[quote=“Rottan, post:8, topic:12368, full:true”]
this link does not help me get a note when the power is back to the lamp. or I miss something
What do you want to do in the flow?
The “power up behaviour” is the only thing you can really change.

As described in the other thread: you are using a smart bulb in a way that is is not intended to be used.
So the trigger you are looking for is not available…

Right solution wouls be:
Keep the hue on constant power (do not put it behind the switch)
If you need the switch: replace it by a smart switch (many solution in this forum, when you search on switch)

I’m facing a similar problem.
I did not try yet but I’m thinking to use an advanced flow, and to use the error output on the turn-on or turn-off to know if the device is offline.

If I want to be sure that this test does not turn on or off the light during the test, I could firstly check the current light state (on or off) and try to re-turn it on or off depending on that, and checking the error.

Great idea…

It was dark in the cellar, the motion sensor didn’t work so my wife switches the ligt off and on again so the light goes on…

Then the flow trigers, Homey’s flow checks the light, it was off so it sends off… OK it was received and no error…

I hear a scream…

I quickly go outside to be just in time in front to catch Homey flying through the window.
I am afraid it takes some time before the WAF is up again.

I still think manually switching a smart light is ̶s̶t̶u̶p̶i̶d̶ not smart…

Yeah, that’s why I always avoid smart bulbs, using modules behind switches instead.

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