How to check a change of state for Philips Hue Plug


I have a Philips hue plug.
I want to know if its possible for Homey to know his state on / off at any moment.
For example, if the plug is off, then i remove it from the wall and put it again, it turn automatically on and i still see it off on homey.
Is there a way to check the state of the plug every minute to be sure Homey don’t miss a change and run every Flow i created for a change of state ?


Hi @jeremypsl, do you use the Hue bridge or do you have the plug directly paired with Homey?

Both the Philips Hue Bridge app and the Philips Hue Zigbee app poll the plug/bridge with a relative short interval, the status should be updated after such a poll.

Like we get the plug out of power and Homey will know?

Im not using the Hue Bridge.

Not OUT of power but when it gets powered again the status should be updated after a while.

OK, can you please send me a crash report?
If you please turn the unit on and off a few times, then unplug it, wait a minute, plug it in again, wait a minute and then turn it on and off again. After this send me a crash report from the app. (…/more / apps / Philips Hue Zigbee / gear icon/settings.

Just for my understanding: why u wanna remove the plug from power?

I will do the report tomorrow.

Let me explain why i need that. With the hue bridge, one day, i was not at home, there was a power cut and the plug turn on… i had a water pump on it for my well. The water circuit was close. The pump over heated and died… it could put fire at my home. Thats it.

But there is an option to return to the state it was in before the powercut or?

On the hue bridge yes but its not working… at least with me.

Most/many plugs have the possibility to set a parameter that gives 3 options after power cut, 1=OFF , 2= ON, 3=Same as before power-cut. If this is not possible with your device, I would advice to buy a Plug that can do this.

Most (old) Hue lamps needed a software update to achieve that. :wink:

Sorry. Aren’t we talking about Philips Hue Plug?

Yep. But as the lamps needed an update for it, maybe the plugs also need an update to achieve that?
Just because he says it’s not working for him. And Athom is advertising with the correct state after a power loss, for ALL plugs!

Sorry for the delay.

Here it is : c2e9aaf9-024f-4992-af6f-6451ce099b30.

I powered on the « puit » and wait for the 10 minutes status check i created, worked fine.
After that, i powered on the hue plug with the power switch on it and the flow never worked, the status stay off.


Hi @jeremypsl, thanks for the report. I see two on/off sequences but I can’t tell if they are triggered by Homey or on the device. Since you run firmware 4.2 I am unable to fix anything as I am unable to update that version of the Hue Zigbee app. I think this problem is already handled in the version for firmware 5.

Thanks for the answer.
But i don’t see any update for my Homey ?!
Oh this is experimental, i will test that.
That change the way hue plug state is detected ?