Incorrect zigbee devices status

Hello, I have 2 OSRAM Smart+ Plugs and a couple of zigbee start bulbs (Philips Hue, Osram Smart+, Ikea Tradfri) connected to my Homey.

Modifying their state (like turning on/off, setting brightness) works fine.

However I’ve noticed that the status displayed on Homey app is frequently incorrect - f.ex. when I turn on my smart plugs Homey still shows them grayed out, as if they were still turned off. If I click on them, the plug remains on, and Homey app starts displaying them correctly.

The same is with bulbs - I can’t rely on the status displayed in the app. Once I set the state via mobile phone - then it’s fine, at least for some time.

The plugs are always connected to electricity, I turn them on/off via automation in Homey.
Bulbs are screwed into standard ceiling lights, therefore I frequently turn them off by simply disconnecting from electricity.

Have you run into this behavior? How can I improve displaying device statuses? The only idea I have is to connect them not to Homey directly, but to Philips Hue bridge, and use deprecated app in Homey to connect to bridge… is there a chance it may help?

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I Have the same problem with some Zigbee switches from 3A that are not supported by Homey directly.
They all tun on an off with the Homey App, but the state is not correct when i switch them on and off manually at the Switch.
I suspect that Homey does not get any information about the devices state. So its also not possible to use flows that are triggered by this wall switch.
Would be nice to know if there are any ideas for this issue.