vThermo fallout

I have a ds18b20 running on a smart implant , over to a virtual
temp and then a vThermo thermostat. This setup has run very well
for a long time. Now I sometimes experience that the vThermo
teperature doesn’t update. When I turn WiFi and Homey off
and on again, the temp comes back again.
Any suggestions? Thanx in advance!

You have to do some debugging and testing, make a well educated guess what might cause the problem, and try to verify and proof your guess. By running parts of you flow and add loggings/messages/time line entries, excluding well functioning parts, until you isolated the problem.

Yepp, sounds logical. However, the signal
path from the virtual to the vThermo is not through a flow. The vThermo just picks it up. I don’t understand how to go about finding tha fault here.
Incidentally, I have the Homey Pro early 2019

Aha, for one moment I thought Vthermo was a fysical device.
So you readings of the DS18B20 are updated? Also on your virtual thermostat, but not always on Vthermo?

Yes, that is correct.

So the problem is in the app VThermo App voor Homey | Homey
Contact the developer.

It turns out that a restart of the app makes it work. Why does the app fall out? How can I fix it?

Bitrot? Sometimes with all data being pumped around 24/7, some bits can get lost and screw things up.
An app restart often solves this.

Next time prior to restarting the app, send a diagnostic report to the developer, with a good description of the issue(s); maybe there’s some error messages of some kind.

I need to restart vThermo more and more often.
Does anyone else have a similar experience?
Should I recover (upside down) my Homey?
Should I delete and reinstall the vThermo device.
Is there an issue of an overflowing memory?