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I installed the app for version 2,the beta.
The app stops working after a flow, when the window sensor is activated the temperature is set to 5 degrees, this works, but after that the app crashes most of the time.

Hi. Ik Just installed the 2.0 version of the app. When I try to add a device I get a timeout. Any Idea?

There is a new version pending approval by Athom that should solve the error crash. As for the timeout of @Remco_Ploeg : did you re-enter your username and password in the app settings? Otherwise wait for the updated beta version, that solves a lot of problems, it might also fix your time-out issue.

Yes. After restarting the Homey it resolved the issue. Didn’t changed anything

Hi Ralf,
I just installed v2.02 and after restart of homey i received message that the app suddenly stopped.
Maybe the diagnostic report will make things clear to you:

Thank you so much for your app.


I have added this app, but when I choose the “Thermostaat” in the screen “Add Evohome thermostat device”, I get the following error message: “pair.start.messages.Error: Er is een onbekende fout opgetreden [unknown_error]”.
Removing the app and reinstalling it results in the same error.
Any suggestions?

Did you put in the login for the Honeywell site in the settings?


I have not seen any screen asking me for this.

On settings then Honeywell, there you can do this. Else it cannot gather data.

I don’t have the Evohome app listed there.

I tried restarting, but that does not change anything

What mobile device are you using? Did you install the beta or the normale version?

In IOS , you need to click ‘more’ (bottom right), then “apps” and then find “Honeywell Evohome”. Click that and then ‘configure app’ . Here you can fill in the username + password of your Evohome system.

In a next release I’ll try to get a pop-up when trying to pair instead of this error message.

Hi Ralf,

I use Android and use the normal version.

If I navigate to that section (App settings of Honeywell Evohome), I see the following settings:

  • Ingeschakeld (True)
  • Automatisch updaten (True)
  • Button Herstart app
  • Button Maak Diagnostisch Rapport
  • Button Deinstalleren
    No username or password.

I could send you the diagnostic report if that would help

It’s not in the app settings directly, see picture bottom.

Click on Apps, then select the Evohome app and then select configure.

I still have problems with a flow, the app doesn’t crash but it doesn’t work right for me.
Window contact opens, then set temperature to 5 degrees after 60 sec.
What happens is that on the app temperature is set to 12, but on the evohome unit it shows 5 degrees.
For returning to normal after window closes I used cancel adjustment (annuleer aanpassing), but now the temperature on the app goes to 5 degrees also and then it stays at 5 degrees, even after 5 min.
This used to work on the old app.

You are using version 1 of the app, this has serious limitations on Homey V2. Please install the beta version for now.

Hopefully I can promote the beta version to stable soon but I need to fix a couple of small issues.

No its V2.03 on homey 2.0 i am using.

Kind regards, herman

Verzonden vanuit
voor Windows 10

Sorry @Herman_Andersen , I mixed two issues up. The changes you do via the app aren’t communicated directly to the Evohome unit, but to the ‘cloud’. So it could take awhile before your locate evohome unit displays the new results.

For the cancel adjustment: i Need to look into that, I have other reports as well that it doesn’t work correctly all the time. I did implement a new way of doing the cancellation, so maybe that is not completely working as advertised by Evohome.

Hi thx, I really appreciate your work!
But there’s some mix up also, the app shows 12 degrees, coming from 21, so the flow triggers something, but on the same time on the evohome panel on the wall it has the correct setting of 5 degrees.
The app goes to 5 degrees after the cancel adjustment, and it stays like that on both, panel on the wall and app, I waited a full 5 min, that’s about 2 times the update to the cloud if I’m not mistaken.
Hope this helps, if I can help in any other way just send me a message, my native language is is Dutch, maybe that’s easier to communicate in.
Kind regards, Herman